Book of Dash

“Just the book I’ve been looking for.”

Peter Rubio, Python Author

Latest Testimonials

The Book of Dash is an amazing book that data analysts must have when working with Python.”

Tânia Frazão, Python Coder

“This book fills the void of becoming master in Plotly Dash and Dashboards.”

Sanjeev Sharma, Python Coder

“The understanding of Dash I gained in this book provided me with a whole new way to analyze and visualize data.”

Jordan Marshal, Python Developer

Includes a Free Book on Pandas

In The Book of Dash, we promised you a free helper book on Pandas. You can find our book “Coffee Break Pandas” as a direct PDF download for free here:

But don’t tell anybody! 😉

Tutorial Videos From the Book

To view the tutorial videos mentioned in The Book of Dash, go to the Learning Hub tab.